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It’s important to help the digestive system, especially for us since it shows its dissatisfaction through our skin.

Psoriasis is an indicator that something is wrong internally, so let’s start fixing everything from there and move externally slowly.


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James @ferns

I’ve been vegan for a bit now but not noticing it affecting my P.

Michelle @michelle1021

Hi Dan, I can agree with you as it is the same with me. Some of us can try everything organic and still won't find relief. I believe (for me), eat healthy, not heavy food, don't get bloated, stay away from too much sugar and do not over moisturize. :)

Dan @thepsoriasisjourney

Just an average dude that has psoriasis with a not so average mindset to get rid of it. I've decided to document my journey as I fight this blessing that we have and I'm not giving up until I win.

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