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So my derma prescribed dipro...ointment for me to use everyday twice, in the morning i apply it normally and at night i apply it then wrap my Pso with plastic food wrap and go to sleep until next day for 2 weeks


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G @gj

i used it as he said i was happy with the result visited him agin and he told me to stop it and go back to daiv-obet.. the thing is after stopping using dip-rosa-lic my Pso got aggregated

G @gj

As a result my Pso increased, the derma told me if my Pso turns red in colour again i should apply daiv-obet doing so but no improvement.. im keeping track of my P using this amazing app i found recently called imagine u should all try it out it’s useful

James @ferns

I tried one of those apps but now I use my phone on a selfie stick while casting the video to my tv. That way I can check the whole of my back.

Michelle @michelle1021

I also tried the wraps many moons ago and all it did was make me itch. The cream you used also doesn't work for me. Not very effective but I did try it. You live in Dubai and the climate is hot and dry there? Don't keep your P too moist as it will only trigger it more. Thats my experience with it but we are not all the same. I only use my Coal tar and quite frankly it works the best for me. Strong steroids obviously is a win but not good to use especially on the long term.

Rosey @sue2023

You have, a long road to travel, we aim for relief, depending ds how bad you are it may work, but davio____bet I only used twice for head, worked a treat,

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