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New here. Looking for people to follow to finish this profile thing lol


Please don't include specific medical product brand names or external links.

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James @ferns

You choose, just read posts and replies. We all have psoriasis to some degree and some also have other autoimmune conditions. Some post and reply a lot, some never.

G @gj

Welcome to the family roseanna 🥰

Rosey @sue2023

You will find many people here to help, also many valuable tips, Welcome.

Michelle @michelle1021

Hi Roseanna and welcome to Flaym. I do hope you finished your profile ;)
Tell us more about your struggle with Psoriasis. You have any tips for us perhaps? We are open to anything :)

Natalia @natalia1

I have psoriatic arthritis from the childhood. But doing different workouts, practizing yoga I refused medical treatment when I was 30. Now I`m 66. I use to jog regularly in the forest nearby my home for more than 30 years. All this gives me possibility to work, travel, dance, communicate. Of course, my joints are acking, sometimes I have attacks with running temperature. But my conviction is that only constantly doing physical workouts - every day efforts! - could give results. Different thing - psoriasis under my hair. After the nervous incident it bursted out with new forse and it is quite difficult to cope with. Hope to find recommendations with the help of this community

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roseanna @roseanna
Roseburg, OR, USA

I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis at 19. Also fibromyalia. Life is rough with 2 kids.

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