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Hi my lovely Flaymers. Hope you're all doing well? Went up to Dublin to seey love, and got a spot overnight. Could be because of the tiredness? Long hours flying. Anyone else experience this with being tired?


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James @ferns

I used to travel to the US a lot and although I had no problems going to there, coming back always left me with a mild outbreak of plaques.

Rosey @sue2023

Wow, times go fast! Hope you had a fantastic time Michelle and you get over the jetlag soon. So glad you found a way to see your man, bet you two had a great getogether and hope you got to explore Dublin too

Michelle @michelle1021

James, might the stress of flying? or little sleep? Climate change?
Rosey, thank you :) We did have a fantastic time thank you and I loved being with him again. We did some sight seeing but I mostly loved seeing him *wink, wink* . I just love him to bits. I'm a lucky lady.
But anywayyyyyy, the weather was great and so was the pubs lol. It was awesome. Strange, the weather didn't affect my Psoriasis. I did itch a bit and was a bit inflamed but only because of the burgers and fries I had. Oh and the beer too. We did eat a lot of crap but we had some veggies too (I think). Thank you Rosey, it was an awesome trip, and if our plans work out, I'll be in England permanently from December. Wish us luck :) xx

Rosey @sue2023

Oh wow wow, wonderful news Michelle, sending out good vibes that in December you can finally be as one. Am soo happy for you both. ❤️

Michelle @michelle1021

Thank you Rosey. I hope so too. :)

john,Chewweeeeee @chewbacca

Yes, I cant wait my sweet, You can try to put cream under my fur, good luck with that :).Rosey, I am a lucky man to met my match with flakes and all,Michelle,we ate quite badly,maybe there was some veg on that pizza?Our stomaches are a customed to a lot of veggies so you feel it when you eat junk,I did get some cereal bars to try help my gut, I think it did a little, oooh, those burger and chips,so many chips, i thought i was going to go through an Ibs faze , wasnt good,but it was in a lot of ways, Drinks,dont go there,so much drinking, that was good too but bad, I am not advertising or promoting bad eating and drinking heavily but, it was a one off or a weeks worth lol, Please dont do this at home or in pubs for too long, not advised lol :) Thank you all :)

Ava @ava1

Diet can cause many issues, including fatigue and psoriasis. If you haven't had the blood test for celiac disease, do consider it, as damaged intestines can't absorb the vitamins which help prevent psoriasis - especially D, K2, and magnesium. I've been eating 100% gluten free since an endoscopy in March showed severe damage to my intestines - w/ dramatic healing from ALL of my issues now evident! Psoriasis has dropped dramatically, with only one little patch behind my ear that no longer itches. Also, instead of being a couch potato, I now have LOTS of energy, a new woman, as all of my friends and neighbors have noticed. 😊 Something to consider for you and your fellow.

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Michelle @michelle1021
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I really...REALLY love wine...

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