...feeling sad Felicia @feliciaa


hey im new here.. my eczema has been so bad to the point its been "bubbling" with blisters and i seriously am in need of help. what are some ways to tone down the severity....? i am crying :/


Please don't include specific medical product brand names or external links.

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James @ferns

Most of us here have psoriasis rather than eczema, however, a moisturiser called Child’s Farm is supposed to be excellent for eczema sufferers. No links allowed here so just google “Childs Farm eczema”. Don’t know what country you’re in but they sell it on Amazon.

Felicia @feliciaa

well ive always thought both eczema and psoriasis are similar skin conditions because their symptoms look the same ._.

Jen @jen1984

Yes and dermatitis as well. I have been adding a kilo of sea salt to my baths and used coal tar cream and 100% pure Sorbolene cream. Fantastic results.

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