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Flaym was hacked, that's all I can think of, cause I see nothing anymore as in notifications etc, unless everyone is cured haha I'm Deffo not as is no cure,


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Michelle @michelle1021

Lol Rosey, I hope they will share the secret with us. Notifications doesn't show at all and one has to go look for new posts. I think that's why its so quiet on Flaym as everybody thinks Flaym has given up on them perhaps?

James @ferns

I think the app is an ongoing project which hopefully will get better over time. The notifications are a big one but there are other faults. If you’re in the middle of tapping in a comment and you get interrupted by an incoming call, you lose everything you’ve tapped in. Also, this is the only place I’ve had the “Hold on, you’re posting too fast” message. I also Fee they could do with either more choices at the end of a post. You know the, I’m feeling happy, sad etc bit, then what the message is about, treatment, blah blah. A few social chitchat categories would be good too.

Kay @nuggetsmcr

Normally the owners at Flaym respond very quickly but nope theyve been took by aliens i think. Definitely been abandoned though.

Rosey @sue2023

Yep agree we're on our own now, but we are here, but it's so different now

Rosey @sue2023
Perth WA,

Had psoriasis forever but weathered the ups and downs.Tomorrows a different story.

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