...feeling frustrated Lesley @lesley65


Can’t get rid of the stubborn and most painful patches of inverse psoriasis under my breasts and top of legs . It’s driving me crazy ...


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Jen @jen1984

Hi Lesley. If you have a bathtub get yourself a bag of sea salt = poolsalt at your supermarket and relax in your bath for half an hour with a kilo of salt. Then rub coaltar ointment or 100% pure Sorbolene cream all over your body. It worked for me.

Rosey @sue2023

I remember that pain, I ended up getting cold tar compote and bathing in it then dusting off with corn flour, was a relief, hard areas to treat was horrible

Lesley @lesley65

I’m a mum of two teenage girls love music, art , films and just talking with my friends . Took fibromyalgia chronic migraine then psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis past 13 years which has left me unable to work . Everyday is a new challenge !

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