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Hi everyone I'm new here💗
I had psoriasis since three years. Should I tell people around me about my illness or should I keep it for close friends and family only??


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Kay @nuggetsmcr

Hey welcome to Flaym! Tell whoever you are comfortable telling :)

Rosey @sue2023

Is what it is, just answer anyone who has questions

Rosey @sue2023

I had no option in telling work as was bad, but depending on circumstances who u tell

lillianm @lillianm

I have scalp p and I have it in my ears so it is easy to hide now. but at the begging of my disease I had p all over my face I missed my classes for almost two years at that time I tried to avoid people as possible.. I couldn't tell anyone except my family

A @millionways

hi Lillian, that must have been very hard. I hope you will figure it out for yourself. You are worth it!
I talk about my p when I feel like it. I am not bothered by that. I trie to avoid akward moments, by telling instant when I go to a dentist, hairdressee or something like that. But I am not a student anymore. I think when you get older, you care less about what people might think.

lillianm @lillianm

Yeah actually this year has been better... I guess I already started getting used to it and accepting my self more😊

Rosie @roskw

Honestly the only people that know I have It is my family and friends. I don’t see why other people need to know unless they ask or if you feel comfortable telling them.

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lillianm @lillianm

24 years old had psoriasis three years ago❤️

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