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Hey guys I have a question..
so I used aloe vera gel for few days and i noticed aggregation in my pso, faster building up of skin and itching..has anyone experienced something similar or am i the only one?!!? And should i stop using it?


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Peter @peter5300

Hi G yes i have experienced this so stopped using Aloe Vera like this. what i have found help me is to have Aloe water and drink it / consume it. i have found a small improvement in my Skin and P. but it did take awhile before i started seeing results .

Michelle @michelle1021

Hi G and welcome to Flaym. Aloe Vera gel also aggravates my P which is why I don't use any of those oils. I only use my coal tar mixture and it works for me. I think stop using it as you will itch more. Your skin needs to breath as well and covering your P in gels and thick creams won't help.

Rosie @roskw

Hi G. Well there is a Aloe Vera drink which is basically grape juice with aloe chunky and that seemed to work for me. I haven’t had a bad experience with it yet.

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