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I have some concerns about something i hope someone answers me, if by accident i apply Pso ointment on a place the doesnt have pso will i get pso in that place? Cuz im noticing this unless im superstitious or crazy


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lillianm @lillianm

If it contains steroids it might be possible.. Because your skin is getting used to steroids

Michelle @michelle1021

Hi G. No it does not work like that. Some Doctors have told many sufferers that you have to use gloves to prevent it from spreading etc. I have P now for almost 28 years and if that was the case then I would've been miserable and depressed. Believe me. Okay, that's not something one wants to hear (being miserable and depressed). Watch what you eat and what toiletries you use (face wash, shampoo etc) as that can also trigger your Psoriasis. Lots of things can trigger our P and we basically have to live a healthy lifestyle to manage our P. Diet/lifestyle changes have helped a lot of people so its worth a try :)

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