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Today I was made fun of and criticized cause of my psoriasis...I feel like crying my eyes out! I know I should be stronger and not let anything put me down..but im only human in the end..


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Rosie @roskw

Hi G, I know exactly how you feel. I went to the co op with my sister the other day and I had a short sleeve t shirt on and the women on the till ridiculed me. She was talking as if I wasn’t there and she treated me like I had the Black Plague. It’s never nice when people put you down like that. People always bully people about things they will never understand. I can honestly say that you and the majority of us are in the same boat. We’ve all got to stick together.

Brenda/joy @viking1967

Cry in private if you have to but don't let the idiots know that they are getting to you that makes them stronger, it's hard enough dealing with our skin we are going through enough pain as it is if they know they are hurting us they will keep hurting us you need people that are strong and that will help you deal with this Rosie. I have had people look at me with dirty looks because I over weight I am losing weight now now I see people a lot larger then me and I am proud of myself.I cried a lot still do at times because the skin hurts so much at times. Hang in there Rosie

Michelle @michelle1021

Of Course G. We are all human! and that's what makes us so damn special. Nobody likes to be criticized, but some people are better than others at both hearing criticism clearly and then using that criticism to their own advantage. I've learned that the hard way. If you use it to learn something about yourself or the other person, it's constructive. If you beat yourself over the head with it, it's destructive. Do not let criticism destroy you. Do not pay attention to shallow people. People who criticize are the one's with the problem. Stay focus, stay positive. You have P and always will. Doesn't matter if it goes into remission or not. Accept your condition. As sure as there will always be death and taxes, there will always be naysayers in your life. Accepting this as a fact of life is your safest option, as is recognizing that regardless of how much energy you exert in efforts to elicit support from those around you, some are simply incapable of offering that support. Trying to please all people all of the time is a surefire setup for disappointment. I've been criticized too and I've been miserable because of my P and I made the people around me miserable too as I felt that why can they be happy and I can't? Wrong right? P has made me wiser, P has made me a stronger person and P is not my enemy anymore. I've learned how to manage my Psoriasis and I've learned how to deal with idiots. Chin up and face the ignorant people. Once you accept your condition, people won't try to bully you anymore as they will realize they have nothing to criticize you for. Focus on yourself and not on people.

Rachelle @ra14

Don’t let any1 get u down I cop the same thing I’v learned 2 ignore it

carol @carol1943

Sorry to hear that. Anyone who would be that nasty is not worth a moment of your pain. Can you just avoid the guilty parties? They are ignorant and not worth your trouble.

Fran @narf

You must be in contact with some pretty rude people! Time to change your circle of friends, I don’t think they are your friends, so don’t listen to them

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