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I have a question that is open to all of you . Has anybody actually gotten rid of their P for long periods at a time. I mean can it get to the point where it doesn’t look noticeable?


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Michelle @michelle1021

Hi Rosie. Yes I have. My P went into remission for 10 years. Due to emotional stress it came back with a vengeance and I was 90% covered. Once I dealt with the stress, it took me around 3 months to get rid of my P. I only have it on my lower legs now (about 5%) which is a hand palm size on each leg. (lower calves). Sometimes I do get a new spot but it usually goes within a week or two. When I see a new spot, I immediately treat it with my coal tar cream and I eat more healthy. The P can get less noticeable but you have to look at what you eat and try not to stress or use perfumed creams etc. If your skin is inflamed then it will go red and get itchy, that's when you know it might spread. I concentrate on keeping my body inflammation free but it's not always easy. :)

Rosie @roskw

Hi Michelle. I think it’s the weather that affects me more because when it’s really cold I’m in pain with mine. I’ve been trying to look for certain foods, excercise, moods and other things to help it and make it feels less bothersome. I currently use Zerobase emollient cream but I feel like it’s not working as much as I’d like. I do work with animals and I’m hoping that’s not a negative cause. I am extremely hopeful now after hearing your story.

Michelle @michelle1021

Hi Rosie. Oh the weather can definitely have an impact on your P. It's winter here in South Africa and I can feel it on my skin. I try to keep warm put extra tar in my cream and it does help. We are not all the same so I do understand if something doesn't work for you. I also itch when I'm in a humid area. My P doesn't like that climate. When it comes to winter, I try to still eat healthy. Imagine what I would look like when summer comes if I don't look after myself during winter? I'll be much overweight plus have more Psoriasis and that I do not want. No the zerobase emollient cream won't help. Well it doesn't help me. Working with animals - see, our skin can get irritated from dog/cats hair and thats when we start itching and that's when the P will get irritated too. Try wear long sleeve shirts and pants when working with them. What work do you do with animals Rosie? Always stay hopeful and stop stressing about your Psoriasis. I know it is a big stress but the more you stress the worse it gets. Everything starts with oneself. Changing your attitude and mindset when it comes to Psoriasis will have an impact on your body. Look after yourself and I know lots of people will say that having the right diet has got nothing to do with your P, but to me and some other Flaymers, it has. Since I've eliminated some food, my P improved. Now I can manage it. Once you know how to manage your Psoriasis you will find its easier to control an outbreak. You will know when to cheat on food and for how long you can cheat. What cream/ointment works the fastest etc. Everything becomes easier when you know how to manage your P. You won't even be upset when you see a spot or two as you know you've got this lol :) But keep in mind my dear Rosie, you are a P sufferer and always will be. Doesn't matter if it goes into remission or not. Concentrate on eliminating all inflammatory food. No Sugar, No nightshades, no alcohol (okay I love wine but I know when I can and cannot have some ;)

Pity some of our regular Flaymers aren't active anymore as they would've given you great advice too. If I was in your shoes again (being covered more than 60%) I would've started with fish and veggies for a week and see if the itch and inflammation subsides. Try use a glycerine soap and wash your hair with a coal tar base shampoo. Drink a lemon tea instead of coffee. No sugar. No fizzy drinks, no ice cream or whatever. Try keep it healthy for one week and I guarantee you, you will see a difference in your P. It won't be red anymore but almost like a skin color. P might not go away as yet but concentrate on the inflammation first. :)

Peter @peter5300

Hi Rosie only place that I've kept clear for the past 5 years is my hole body except my lower legs and feet from being over 80% covered

Rosie @roskw

Hi Michele. Really inspiring and wise words there. I am making a note of everything you said as I Believe it will help. Regarding animal I usually do farm work and cleaning, feeding etc... on the unit with rodents, mammals, reptiles etc... it’s more to do with the chemicals more than the animals. I recently did work experience at cars protection and it was the disinfectants that bothered me. Rather painful. The emollient cream helps a little but I plan on going to the doctors to ask about possible tablets or injections. You are a very wise woman and I thank you for you help. I am hoping to have many conversations with you because I find you to be an interesting soul.

Rosie @roskw

Hi Peter, it’s usually my arms and legs that sometimes goes. When I used the Uv light my back was completely clear after. Soon come back though. What do you use?

Tobin @tobin

Yes I am completely clear as long as I stick to a certain diet

Rosie @roskw

Hi Tobin, I was thinking about changing my diet to a vegetarian diet to see if that would help

Kay @nuggetsmcr

My body was 90% covered with psoriasis for like a year and then it went away for around 2 years but its back again and seems to keep growing😭 will have to step up on the moisturising!!

jon @jon5

If you are not allergic I've had good luck with an oatmeal based soaps and skin lotions (perfume free)

Sid @sid

With the help of biologics, I've been pretty much clear since Feb this year. It probably also helps I went on a major health kick from November last year - I cut a lot of refined sugar and cut down portion sizes and I managed to shed about 12kg or so but other than faded brown spots on the legs where it used to be, you'd be hard pressed to know I was suffering in any way.
I have used Garnier's 5% urea body cream in the past. Whilst it's not as potent as those prescribed by the GP, it is widely available from supermarkets and sometimes can be had for 50% off marked price. It's a good moisturiser and isn't too greasy.
Any part of your body that gets regular exposure to good sunlight will react favourably and clear in some way. The only issue is dealing with those who judge with their eyes - the worst kind of judge...! It's getting easier now - the all-clear ad campaign that ran in recent times in the UK has put the spotlight on illnesses and conditions that might not get the same attention and as long as people are willing to ask and listen then accept, they can be useful allies in helping you combat the mental struggles many of us can experience. This forum is one place where all of us can vent and air good news stories...and everyone understands in one way or t'other...We all have each other's backs here!

Carolyn @carolyn947

Hi Rosie..I have had nail psoriasis and scalp well as outbreaks on my body for years. I changed to a plant based diet in Nov 2017 and the result has been miraculous!! Really, cut out meat & dairy and you will be amazed at the results

Joseph @Whoknows

Yes.I used to have quite a bit of it on my legs (not so noticeable fortunately!) but when I started living near the Mediterranean about 9 years ago, wearing shorts most of the year, my psoriasis disappeared !

Ashley @ashley6896

No, I haven't and have had it since I was a little girl.

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Rosie @roskw
Mansfield Nottingham

Hello. I am 23 and I’ve had psoriasis since I was 11. I am currently studying Animal management level 3 (I will be doing the 2nd year to that in September) and it’s almost the 5th year of me studying animal care at college. I aspire to be a vet nurse

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