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What should I do if I hate my family?They don’t support me and can’t understand that sometimes I’m angry because i feel discomfort or feel empty because nothing helpsThey just yell at me but when I say that I feel bad they pretend that I don't exist


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Rosie @roskw

On some level I relate. My family don’t understand the struggles on P and honestly they have the ‘well we don’t understand because we don’t have it attitude’ and sometimes they can take the mick. I live in accommodation and they say it’s better when I’m there. Most families are dysfunctional but that’s not your fault whatsoever

Clint @NJClint

Mary and Rosie use Epsom salt baths to help treat with lemon apply to affected areas

Rosie @roskw

Thanks Clint, I plan on buying lemon when I next go shopping.

Mary @marymayseo

Thank you!But I did understand.I should add lemon to the bath or what?

Mary @marymayseo

I don't always understand what the translator wants to tell me,ahah

Rosie @roskw

Mary - after the salt bath you could just chop a lemon in half and rub the lemon on the affected areas.

Mary @marymayseo

Okay,thank you all!!

john,Hulk @chewbacca

Family is toxic, Simple, dismiss them from your life if you want stress levels down?, That is a choice though, What i did ,nothing but worry and i been good for years without them, though dont listen to me , just saying , Good luck :)

Sid @sid

Families are the biggest burden everyone has - we cannot pick our family and occasionally they are the biggest cause of some of our troubles. We fight, we laugh, we bond and occasionally spend a long time apart but at the end of the day, they are us and we - even with psoriasis - are them.
Your family will not understand the trouble you are going through and because they don't understand, they also don't realise they are causing you more distress by yelling at you. My dad, especially, spent a long time being pretty angry - more at himself than anything - for not being able to wave a magic wand and clear my skin. He blamed himself for his inability to help. Eventually after much discussion where I told him that if he stressed, it caused me as much if not more, he eventually calmed down to the point where I was able to control the condition more and eventually got clear using biologics.
All families will be the same - we don't have it so we can't pretend to understand. However, they are going through the same pain as you are but don't know how to express it except through anger or ignorance...
You do exist, you are here. If you can't talk to your family, this forum is here to provide that ear.

Johan @Wagenaar

Hi Mary. my heart goes out to you.

Desley @desley

They should be more understanding because they may get it themselves. It is hereditary. My mother had it and my brother has had it very bad since he was 14 and he is now on injections which have brought him relief at 55. Over those years I looked for ‘cures’ and things to help him and sometimes he got very annoyed at me. I thought I did understand....until I also got it at 55. All the research and groups I joined for my brother did not prepare me for what it was actually like. I control it as much as I can with diet and do not have it as bad as he did. But I don’t think you actually ‘get it’ until you actually get it...if you know what I mean. They should be more supportive as they might need help and advice from you one day. Stay strong. ❣️

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Mary @marymayseo
Ekaterinburg, Russia

Hi,I’m Mary.Im 16,I’ve had psoriasis since I was 5.Now I need some people that can understand me:)I hope I’ll find a friends!

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