...feeling happy Janet @rara

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Hello all I’m new to the group not really sure what I’m doing yet but I will get there 💙💙


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Rosie @roskw

Hi Janet, I’m quite new as well. Just write about your P, moods or whatever you need help with. That’s what I do.

Janet @rara

I will thank you 😃

Rosie @roskw

You’re welcome 😄

Kay @nuggetsmcr

Welcome Janet, unfortunately youve joined at a time where the creators of this site have abandoned it.

Dirk @dirk

I am new too. I am looking forward to exploring the wider Pso World. Generally disappointed by dermatologist advice.

Carolyn @carolyn947

Have any of you heard of tissue salts? Worth looking at Margaret Roberts book "tissue salts for healthy living"
She recommends numbers 5, 7 & 9 for psoriasis. Have helped me particularly with scalp psoriasis

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Janet @rara

Hi all I’m a big football fan my team is Chelsea and yes I am a woman who loves the game 💙💙💙

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