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So a girl at work saw my psoriasis covered elbows and said i should try honey mixed with the stuff from a banana peel as its supposed to help, also helps with wrinkles too!


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Rosey @sue2023

Oh I used to get all types of advice as work in aged care, if you want a sticky elbow there's no harm in trying. 😊

Rosie @roskw

I wonder if you can just eat banana and honey in a bowl and still have the same outcome.

Rosey @sue2023

Um I eat both and am sorry to say that it doesn't work, well for me anyway. You can try all sorts of things, diet really helps, my go to was coconut oil and coal tar baths. So good luck finding what works for you there should be topics about natural remedys in search

Rosie @roskw

Thanks for that. I’ve been trying to find something for years. I’m 23 and had then since I was 12 and I’ve been looking for remedies since I was 16

Sajith @sajith

It will help reduce the itching if you apply regularly

Aimee @aimz

I once was told to use some horse cream and to get it from the vet. More recently I was told to spit on it because saliva has antibacterial properties. It gets abit annoying sometimes.

Jennifer @jujubee

Unfortunately I hate bananas.. but I have heard that too. I do drink raw apple cider vinegar and take turmeric capsules with ginger and bioperine mixed in. All antimflammitory they keep my itching to a minimal. Also really helpful for psoriatic arthritis.

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