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Looks, itch, coping

Hi all, got this app today so am new to all of this... I have been diagnosed with Chronic Psoriasis and it has been a long and painful 2 years getting medication etc


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Kay @nuggetsmcr

Hey, welcome to Flaym!

Rosie @roskw

Hi Kay welcome, I will try my best to recommend treatments that will ease the pain for you.

Rachelle @ra14

Hello I’m also new just downloaded this app

Kay @kay1989

I’m new too

Michelle @michelle1021

Hi Kay. Psoriasis can be painful yes but that's why we need to focus on cleaning our body inside out. We need to watch what we eat and drink too. What meds do you use for your P?

Janet @rara

I’m new too 😎😎😎

Ken @kenf

Hi Kay ..
Welcome to the site. Where do you live? Do you get a lot of sunshine where your located?

Janet @rara

Hi ken i live in devon england yes we get some sunshine but not much really :)

Michelle @michelle1021

Welcome Janet and Kay. Its almost autumn there Janet? Try get as much rays as possible before winter. Keep immune system boosted and try eat healthy.I do not have experience with your cold but whenever it gets to winter I try keep immune system up by drinking turmeric and eat asuch veggies,fish and chicken as I can. I'm a huge fan of turmeric :)

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Kay @kay1989

I am a primary school teacher working with the 4/5 year olds.

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