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Hi every1 I’m new I only downloaded this app 2day I woz diagnosed with severe psoriasis in 2001


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Rosie @roskw

Hi Rachelle, It’s nice to meet you. The site is somewhat quiet at the moment but hopefully it will be more lively soon.

Michelle @michelle1021

Hi Rachelle and welcome to Flaym :). I agree with Rosie, the site is quiet but I think they are experiencing problems as no one is getting notifications nor mail etc. Once they sort out the problem you'll enjoy coming here for advice. Tell us more about your struggle with Psoriasis and how it influence your every day life :)

Mark @mark7810

Hello Rachelle, I've had psoriasis, for over 15 years, I have it on my arm's, legs, Top of back, it is so annoying when it all flayms up with non stop scratching and digging at it, i do my psoriasis creams everyday, but anxiety and stress doesn't help with the psoriasis much, How are you doing with the psoriasis that you have then? 😎🌞

john,Hulk @chewbacca

Hello Rachelle and welcome to Flaym, Yes i am a lifer since birth a passing gift from my mother oooh such a nice lady , I have had psoriatic arthritis now 16 years i think or 17?I helped my symptoms with Diet/lifestyle changes ,my arthritis near none existent these days :)

Rachelle @ra14
Brisbane Queensland

Hello Every1 I’v suffered with Psoriasis since I woz 18 years old I’m a stay @ home Mum

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