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Helloo all, my first post on here but 21 and currently fighting a guttate psoriasis outbreak. There’s so much advice on here, anybody have any opinions on whether diet will have any impact on my flare ups? X


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carol @carol1943

I think if you have the discipline to stick to a clean diet it might help. Lots of people seem to get help from cutting out dairy and meat etc. There is lots of info on here that will help. Wish you luck.

Michelle @michelle1021

Hi Sophie and welcome to Flaym :)
A diet change will definitely help. Carol is right, cutting out dairy and red meat especially pork will help lots. Stick to mostly fish and chicken with veggies or salad and you will see improvement. Don't use any scented products on your body and don't stress. It will be difficult to start with a clean diet but at the end of the day you will notice its more of a lifestyle change than a diet. You will see your P will improve and as time goes by, you can cheat once a month or so. I cheat every week lol but my P doesn't get worse. Its worse now because I had strep throat two weeks ago. Shock to the body but I'm positive it will disappear quick. good luck and keep us posted okay?

john,Hulk @chewbacca

Yep, i concur with Michelle,, Slow elimination is key to success,You want a lifestyle plan then i can help you but, its no quick fix, it will take near half a year but its worth it and then you can cheat now and again and its fine :)

Susan @godcares

Absolutely diet! Michelle and John know my story. Plus get rid of any crap in your life. Trust me on that... at 58 if I could go back I would never have some of the people in my life that I did even those that were family. Diet is a big deal and that means everything that goes into your body... Food, thoughts, creams, liquids... everything!

Sophie @sophie860

21 years old from Northern Ireland and suffering with guttate psoriasis☀️

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