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scalp psoriasis is driving me crazy my scalp feels like its being suffocated, and talk about itch. i dread going to the hairdressers, its gotten bad lately HELP


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Michelle @michelle1021

Hi Julie. Yes I know how frustrating scalp psoriasis can be. I actually got scalp psoriasis from dying my hair but strange enough, it disappeared when I started dying my hair again. Good luck and I hope it gets better soon. I wash my hair with a coal tar shampoo and it does help :)

Rosie @roskw

I know how you feel. That and face/neck P is so noticeable that it just makes me anxious. Hopefully the hairdressers will be understanding. You ever been to the hairdressers before with P?

Deb @deb73

Yes. They know what it is, just notify them when you make your appointment, it will be fine.

julie @tisme
Morayfield QLD, Australia

I'm 58 ack , that means nearly 60 I sure look it but well I was gonna say I dont feel it but in some ways I do dang arthritis

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