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So around November to February due to the weather I am in absolute agony with my skin. I’m not sure how to deal with it. Thick clothes but what else? Thanks if you have any suggestions


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Michelle @michelle1021

Aww Rosie, I'm so sorry about this. I know that our skin doesn't like the cold and we have to stay warm. I'm in SA and our winters aren't as cold as yours but I can relate. Our skin needs to breath too. Wearing thick clothes won't help as we will sweat and itch and that will make our P worse. What ointments do you use?

Rosie @roskw

Hi Michelle I use emollient cream but there’s not enough to go round and my doctor makes me wait 6 months for more. I’ve heard that certain clothing material is bad for our skin. I’m sure many can relate and it’s sad. It’s a shame we all have to go through it.

john,Hulk @chewbacca

Why i dont wear pull over type jumpers noooo, used to make me itch as a lad, First thing to do Rosie, Just advice, you can take it or leave it as its a choice,Diet/lifestyle changes can help many people, I have psoriatic arthritis too and i dont get too much inflammation in the skin mainly spots not big plaques,Slow elimination is key to success and its not easy,i know, I know when i have let my hair down too much so its an indication of poor nutrition thats no good for anyone,Slow elimation of toxic foods can help you,yes theres a lot of toxic foods out there most are ,psoriasis is not from the skin but from within , Its what we do that can make symptoms worse, I dont see docs for my skin or my arthritis , We can all make changes to make us better but takes take time, where does one want to be next year?.Diet/lifestyle changes is a choice, Some changes in Diet/lifestyle is better than none but, it is a choice a choice for everyone, I wish you well

Michelle @michelle1021

Hi Rosie. I try to wear flowy dresses from soft material. I wear a lot of Denims too but they are okay on my skin. Cotton and satin is good for our P. Breathable. Thats a long time to wait for emollient cream? I'm sure most chemists should be able to sell it? I think E45 is a natural emollient cream? I used to use it but it did not work for me. I am a believer of tar cream. It works for me for the past 20 years but it doesn't work for the man in my life whom is also a P sufferer.
Yes I agree with John, the lifestyle changes is the best way to go for our P. It's a long process but worth it. I haven't been to a Derm in the past 20 years - I only use my tar cream and try to eat healthy. I was diagnosed with strep throat so it triggered my P. I give it about +-3 months to clear up. Stay positive Rosie, you've made the biggest step of all and that was to join this support group. This group has given me so much advise and I think my P would've been worse if I kept on eating that damn pasta and potatoes. Believe me.

Carolyn Modesty
Carolyn Modesty @car1

Sweet potatoes figgy and sun.

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Rosie @roskw
Mansfield Nottingham

Hello. I am 23 and I’ve had psoriasis since I was 11. I am currently studying Animal management level 3 (I will be doing the 2nd year to that in September) and it’s almost the 5th year of me studying animal care at college. I aspire to be a vet nurse

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