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A resident where i work told me he used to have psoriasis and he tried all the creams given and nothing worked. Eventually he got told to just leave it alone and within 18 months it just went away. Mine did go away once but its back again lol oh well


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Rosie @roskw

But they get worse if they go untreated. Not to mention is incurable

john,Hulk @chewbacca

Yes it can happen Nuggets , Though i have never been clear fully, it likes to stay, Maybe i should get my fur cut so it can breath :)

john,Hulk @chewbacca

I work in a care home as a maintainance operative and i have seen many with psoriasis, Problem is that these people are fed junk which dont help, i know when i let my hair down too much , Yes i have given advice and been told to be quiet as they know they are fed crap from the nursing home , Dont help when families bring them all in chocolate and wonder why the nurses got fed them on laxido,

Kathryn @kathryn4

Alcohol was a big one for me. When I drank quite regularly, even just a glass of wine with dinner or a cold cider (or four 😂) on a summer evening, my psoriasis was literally all over me. I drink around 6-10 times a year now. My psoriasis covers about 2% of my body. Compare that to 80-90% when I was drinking regularly and that's a huge difference. I'm not saying it's the magic cure for everyone. But we all know that anything is worth a try.

Kay @nuggetsmcr

@Rosie sometimes that isnt always the case. I was 90% covered and after a year of trying creams and moisturizing i left it and it disappeared. Unfortunately it came back after a year.
@John your fur could be an irritant but it may iritate it more after shaven🤔 and yep i too work in a care home, but as a carer and they do have a lot of sugary stuff unless family state otherwise.
@Kathryn yeah alcohol can be a massive trigger, especially drinking it as regular as you did, im so glad it helped you to cut it down!!

john,Hulk @chewbacca

Yes changed my pic lol as i was chewie
thats why i made the comment lol :) No i only shave my face as yes shaving can irritate agreed and does my face, wish i didnt need to shave, can look red raw after shaving ,Yep alcohol can cause inflammation, spirits especially ,Good you got the flakes down Nuggets , sorry Kay now, Great news :)

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