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My psoriasis has been a problem for me ever since I was a little girl. I have tried all different kinds of shampoos just for psoriasis and nothing worked. In the last few years, I have started getting it on my chest, face, and neck.


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Rosie @roskw

Hi Ashley, have you used emollient ointment? Also there is that uv light therapy thing that I’ve done and the majority of my P disappeared, I couldn’t believe it. However because I have a serve case (all over my body) it all came back. It’s a good treatment but it means constantly going and there’s always that risk of skin cancer. I am still searching. If there’s anything new I will let you know. Stay strong.

Ellen @ellen04

Hi Ashley … have you tried TAR shampoo. I also have P on my scalp … I also use a mix of oil on my scalp to ease the itch ..when I have a flare I oil my scalp nightly then wash it in the morn for work … If im at home I keep it oiled until the flare is over... then I just give my scalp a good oil once a week ..

Christine @chrismac

Try Child’s Farm baby moisturiser for sensitive skin- AMAZING.!!! They also do shampoo, sun cream etc. Buy in Boots, supermarkets or online from them. Can’t recommend it enough!

john,Hulk @chewbacca

Hello Ashley, Yes i know where you are coming from,I am a lifer with it born and have psa too though near symptom free,My advice is to look at your diet/lifestyle if you like, Eat a lot of veggies and try steer clear of processed foods and junk foods, sugar is an evil to and dairy can be for many,I did slow elimination of a period of 2 months over 2 and a half years ago and my symptoms reduced, Psoriasis is from within and its not from the skin, the skin is the end result of what we do, okay mines not gone but would be worse if i stayed the same as i was and my joints are great, Theres all the other things to consider that one can get from psoriasis , other diseases too which are ugly,losing weight can help a lot too if one is over weight , To make changes is a choice, Some changes is better than none but it is a choice a choice for everyone, I wish you well :)

Michelle @michelle1021

Hi Ashley. I used to have P on my scalp many years ago. It disappeared but then a couple of weeks ago I got strep throat and it came back. I've been using tar shampoo for almost 20 years - just like Ellen and it has helped a lot.

Ashley @ashley6896

Thank y'all so much for responding. I will take all of your suggestions into consideration because something has to be working before it drives me absolutely insane.

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Ashley @ashley6896
Quincy, FL, USA

I am new on here and have suffered from psoriasis since I was a little girl in my scalp and in the last several years, it has progressed to my face, neck, and chest, and also have psoriatic arthritis.

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