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I did a 3 month course UV at the start of the year gaining almost 100% clear but its gradually came back, not nearly as bad as before though. Around that time the course finished, I became vegan. Im wondering if that made the return less traumatic.


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Chris @christophe

Do you think becoming vegan is why it came back? Seems pretty clear to me...

john,Hulk @chewbacca

Vegan is the ideal way to go though i am not vegan Chris, James saying thst being vegan may had made his symptoms less severe after treatment of UV :)

Michelle @michelle1021

Well I believe the right diet is the key to managing my Psoriasis. Being vegan can only be for the better. No red meat, no dairy etc., I think yes, maybe that's why the return was less traumatic James. Stop eating red meat alone will surely make a difference. Well, in my case it is. I'm glad its less traumatic for you James. Keep it up and keep us posted. :)

Rosey @sue2023

Vegan would deffiently make psrioasis less severe, am so glad its not as bad as it was James

James @ferns

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