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Some doctors here are still not convinced it's psoarsis but didn't know what else it might be. I had a food intolerance test done privately (IgN) and the results were interesting, I'm apparently intolerant to cow's milk, wheat, egg whites plus others


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Michelle @michelle1021

Hi Lee. Well that's a good thing then when having psoriasis. Also dairy. Cut all dairy out and rather stay with greens, (salads/veggies). I found that fish is the best meat for my Psoriasis. Whenever you can, add turmeric to your food. Its a great anti-inflammatory spice. I normally drink a teaspoon full in water in the mornings. It helps keeps the inflammation at bay and my itch disappears quickly too. :)

Lee @littlelee
Bristol, United Kingdom

A computer hacker / programmer and website designer. Only recently started getting mild but manageable symptoms of psoriasis over the last 2 years. Stress and anxiety seem to trigger it for me.

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