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My husband of 22 1/2 years suddenly passed away on 22nd Feb of this year of a massive heart attack due to cardiovascular disease with diabetes. He died at home with me alone early that morning at 7:15 after i did CPR and the EMTs taking over.


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Ashley @ashley6896

After releasing his ashes and his parents ashes in the Chattahoochee River at the dam this past Saturday afternoon which would have been our 23rd wedding anniversary. I believe that is why my psoriasis has been "on fire" especially in the last 6 months with all the stress i have had to endure and making sure everybody is satisfied in someway or another.

Rosie @roskw

Firstly Ashley, I am so sorry for you loss. I can understand the bad affects on your P due to the pain and stress. At a time like there I would naturally just not be up to doing about about my skin. But if it’s really bothering you just use twice as much treatment and possibly talk to people and distract yourself.

Michelle @michelle1021

Yes me too Rosie. my sincere condolences to you and your family. It is heart breaking losing someone you love and to stay positive is not easy. Especially when you were the only one there when he passed on. Who can think positive during a time of grieving? I don't think I will be able to but you need to stay positive and think positive to be able to control your flares. The more powerful your thoughts are, whether they’re good or bad, the more they’ll affect your feelings, and with that, it will affect your health. Speak to others about the good times you and your loved one had together. You’ll be so surprised how this helps you to feel better. You’re thinking about him anyways, so bring those great thoughts to the surface. Focus on finding the right people who will help you to heal. This might sound selfish during this grieving period but pamper yourself and do anything that makes you happy. You have to remember, you come first. It's all about you now. You had a wonderful life with your husband and treasure those thoughts but its time for you to decide what is best for you now. Grieving is not good for anyone and with us P sufferers, it shows though our skin. Nobody can see what goes on in our hearts, they only see the exterior. Have an attitude of gratitude. Really take notice of all the good things in your life each day. If you have time, sit down and write a list of all of your blessings. Then, whenever you begin to feel sad, make sure to take out that list and redirect your attention to these positive aspects once again. I know you are a strong lady and I know you will get through this. Remember we are all here to support you. God Bless :)

Ashley @ashley6896

Thank u for your encouragement and sweet n helpful comments. It has been an experience that I hope no one ever has to go through and endure. I never expected that my husband would die in my care and while we were alone at home. I feel like I am the one who had to choose his fate on rather he lived or died since I was the one who Performed CPR on him first and was not successful in bringing him back to life.

Kathryn @kathryn4

I feel like you done everything humanly possible to keep him alive until the EMT arrived. If they couldn't help him either, then he must've been beyond saving. Not because of you darling. You could have just stood and waited, many people freeze with shock. You did everything right. Maybe you were just meant to be there for him whilst he passed as a comfort to him. Please don't blame yourself. He died due to medical reasons. All you did was try to get him the help he needed whilst doing everything you could to bring him around. I'm sending you a huge hug sweetheart. Please don't blame yourself.🤗❣️

Barry @barry59

Ashley Truly sorry for your loss. Condolences to you and the family. I know first hand what you are going through. I lost my wife June 22 2015. Prayers for you and your family!

Ashley @ashley6896

Thank u so much Karen for those kind and helpful words. The coroner put his death time on the death certificate as 7:15a, that is the time he died with me not the emts or the hospital staff. how can that be?

Ashley @ashley6896

Thank u Barry. I am so sorry to hear about losing your wife as well. It has been an emotional time especially since he died in my care and I was alone when he died. I am with my family now here in FL.

Clint @NJClint

Sorry for your loss

Matilda @matilda

So sorry for your loss.

Fran @narf

So sorry for your loss Ashley. It is a hard row to hoe but you will get better. You must believe that. The hard part will be the loneliness, no one to banter with at a moments notice, please do not blame yourself for his death, you did everything you could, had the emt’s showed up earlier he would have died in their care. It is what it is, tragic, sad and frustrating but let it be and focus on yourself. Our prayers are with you!

Ellen @ellen7

So sorry to hear your sad news.

Ann @ann8670

So sorry Ash.

Linda @Linda1009

I am so very sorry for your loss. I cannot imagine what you are goi g through. Please accept my deepest condolences

DINO @dino

So very very sorry for your loss. GODS BLESSING.

Rita @rita

So sorry for your loss Ashley. Life will never be the same without your loving husband but you will go on. My husband lost his son at 14 years old. I’ve always been thankful that he was still able to enjoy life even though his heart has suffered so much. Your skin will improve with time. Try not to think about it too much. Hard I know but it’s a vicious circle. Try to do something every day that makes you feel happy.

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Ashley @ashley6896
Quincy, FL, USA

I am new on here and have suffered from psoriasis since I was a little girl in my scalp and in the last several years, it has progressed to my face, neck, and chest, and also have psoriatic arthritis.

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