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Hello! How do you tell your new partner that you have P and what's the reaction? Thanks


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john,Hulk @chewbacca

Hello Christine,I always have in my past told them first as you get to know them,I just bring it up into conversation,Most peope are not bothered as long as it dosnt look like it dominates all your life say with doom and gloom about it i find,,Talk about it positively even if it dosnt feel like that , My partner has psoriasis too so its okay , Always good conversation over it , I wish you well :)

G @gj

Hey Christine, for me i was straight forward with my skin condition, it didn’t matter to me if he loved me he’d accept me the way I am and if he didn’t then that just means he doesn’t love me enough, and for sure somewhere on this earth ill find the one who will love me with my special skin, but thankfully i was accepted cause that’s what’s partners for to support u through ur tough times! Lots of love!

Christine @christine10

Thanks for your kind thoughts. Any other answers?:)

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