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At the risk of sounding like an alcoholic... for those whose psoriasis is affected by alcohol, has anyone found a type of alcohol that is less inflammatory?


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Michelle @michelle1021

Oh I love wine and most here knows I do. Dry red merlot/Shiraz my favourite. I do not get inflamed from it nor do I get a flare. I don't overdo it though. 4-5 glasses is a lot to some but to me having that twice a month. Delicious. Should I feel like having whisky, especially Jack Daniels, I do it with caution as I'm very inflamed the next morning. I found that the red dry wine works best for me. Hey, I need to enjoy life too and P will not take that away from me ;)

Sid @sid

I've been able to drink gin without any flare ups but I only drink the odd one every so often...! :D

heth83 @heth83
Rochester, NY

“I’ll just get to the point... you make my psoriasis flare up”

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