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Any advice on eyelid psoriasis, following on from scalp, ears, inside and behind, and psoriatic arthritis..


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Rosie @roskw

I get P on my eyelids and I was given some pointment especially for my face and I had to store it in the fridge. I can’t remember what it’s called (it did wonders) but I will let you know.

Rosey @sue2023

I used vaseline sometimes, it gave relief, also 0.5 cream lightly, coconut oil at times but that would sting if I put too much on and it went in eyes. I used to soften the scale and remove it, ouch, often have eye psrioasis to this day, guess I'm used to it, good luck. Hoping you find relief, I do in my methods.

john,Hulk @chewbacca

Just dont put steroids on your eyelids Orlaith please, Moisturizers and vaseline, coconut oil is okay yes,You can get problems from steroids in the eyes, Just advice Thanks

Orlaith @Orlaith

Don't worry I know the dangers of using steroids around the eye area especially...I'm trying small amount of vaseline, definitely helping a bit...thanks

Rosey @sue2023

For the pink, redness, after letting oil dink in a bit, I would just use foundation as a cover, light foundation all over and on eyelids, one application and you wouldn't ever see the angry redness on face, and eyes, worked for me. Used to take me ages to get ready for work just to descale face, arms as well. That's, all the makeup I could use, anything else would have been too irritating. Hope this, answers your question Orlaith.

Rosey @sue2023

And 0.5 was just a bit on the eyebrows occasionally and chin and ears too, not eyelids of course. Coconut worked best, but the vas was good for peeling off the eyelid scales which I don't recommend anyone do,I just got used to it.

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