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Using Tar shampoo for scalp and use it for soaking and showering... getting some sun.. started to clear... my Dermatologist told me to do this... don’t like the smell... but it works.. I eat sweet potatoes and take vitamin D.


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Rosie @roskw

Brilliant news!! I might try that. It doesn’t make your hair fall out though does it. The last thing I used hair (more than the natural strands) were coming out. So I’m just a little nervous.

Carolyn Modesty
Carolyn Modesty @car1

Not really.. only what is with the loosening hairs attached to psoriasis plaques... at my age only little... not as much as u would see using ur hair brush.i had thick psoriasis plaques onmy scalp ... all gone... no more dandruff!

Clint @NJClint

Dab with rubbing alcohol it will sting don't use conditioner if you do only do the tips of your hair it will work.

Ellen @ellen04

Hi Carolyn & Rosie … I also use Tar Shampoo for my scalp P … its the best & does not make your hair fall ...although scalp P does make my hair come out in bunches... like the other P sufferers have skin everywhere I have hair everywhere … so the struggle is just as real ….I rub the shampoo on my dry scalp & leave for about 15mins before washing... the smell is not the best but it helps...….

Carolyn Modesty
Carolyn Modesty @car1

The hair that comes out is from the scales... I don’t use any other shampoo been using only the tar ... it will clear just don’t give up.

Ellen @ellen04

HI Carolyn..... that is true & I tend to pick at the scales on my scalp …. feels good but so wrong & it pulls my hair out also...

Carolyn Modesty
Carolyn Modesty @car1

That happens be comes back in

Julia @kelj

How much vit d do you take

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Carolyn Modesty
Carolyn Modesty @car1
Ottawa, IL, USA


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