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Hello,It's my first time here!I recently started drinking celery juice when I wake up, I usually wait around 30 minutes to eat after I drink it. I got this from medical medium and I was wondering if anyone else has used it and if it worked for them.


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Desley @desley

Hi Daniela! Everyone is different but I did try juicing celery for a couple of months, drinking it on an empty stomach and not eating for half an hour afterwards. I found it, expensive, time consuming and got absolutely no benefit either lifestyle wise or with my skin so I stopped doing it. It doesn’t mean it won’t work for you though as different things work for different people. It may or may not help your skin but anything is worth a try. ☺️ I would be interested to hear how you go.

Gareth @Ghost

Ok I had this problem everywhere it completely clear now fasting and UV treatment and Baby moisturise on. the NHS it been brilliant it works and it gone!

Daniela @danivarmen
San José Province, San José, Costa Rica

I have always hated dermatologists that insist psoriasis doesn't have a cure and don't even question the nutrition :P

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