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Hi every one it be a long time that I have been on here,I just can’t pull myself together have a bad time with my P it has gone out of control and don’t seem to be getting any better,don’t matter what I use to put on my P nothing is working


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G @gj

Hey mandy! You MUST pull urself together pso gets better when u think positivity sometimes it’s not about what u apply on it, it’s about how u think how u cop with things and most of all lifestyle, eating habits and stay away from negative ppl. I know its hard and difficult but step by step you’ll get better and heal stay strong ur not alone and definitely U ARE STRONG and u CAN DO IT! We’re all here for you!

Rosey @sue2023

Mandy, I hear you. After 4 years of all over psrioasis and under a dermatologist finally decided to take the medication route. All was good for about a month, it completely cleared. Now its back, arghhh so now I'm going on a trial biologic, can't wait. As after years of suffering and nothing working I have nothing to lose. There is hope, unfortunately it may require medical intervention though. Chin up and try to be the beautiful soul you are everyday.

Mandy @mandie

I have had P for 52 years and it has just got on top of me really on top of me,can’t cope with it anymore,I have been fighting it year after year after year I am not that strong anymore
Thank you for your support I will try my best

Pegge @pegge

If you will text me at 864-323-5449 I will give you a Compound Pharmacy with a drug that will help you..I promise..I am recovering from total knee replacement and the stress,tons of meds given to me have wrecked havoc on my system..I will be praying for you..Ask God to Help you my friend..Love, Pegge Culbertson

RIAZ @mrashruf

Hey Mandy, I have had P for 30 years. This year its really bad. Crusty and it hurts to walk. NHS won't give me an appointment. They used be so good and now they can't be bothered. I am taking it into my own hands, got another doc to give me meds and creams. Feel so much better, then skin is peeling right off. Fingers crossed...

Mandy @mandie

Hey Riaz I know what you mean,the doctor will only give me creams,they don’t work,they have never said anything about meds so I thing they are my bother anymore.

RIAZ @mrashruf

I have been given creams before and some work and some don't. You gotta have creams, even just aquas cream and rotate them. Don't the the same one for a long time.

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Mandy @mandie
Coventry, United Kingdom

I'm a housewife have a lovely husband,been together for 32 years don't have any children but I have a lovely Bichon Frise dog 🐶 and have got a shih tzu,we love our holidays in the uk with the dogs love reading and cooking

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