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Hi all. I have never written a post. I have had psoriasis for over 40 years. Never had any treatment plan work for me. My new dermatologist is putting me on an injectable biologic. Kind of nervous about it.


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RIAZ @mrashruf

It is scary injecting for the 1st time, but you get used to it. I have been on 3 types so far. When you stop, it comes back with revenge.

Michelle @michelle1021

Hi Susan. I'm glad you decided to share with us :) I've never been on biologics but I'm not a fan of it as it comes back worse than before when you stop using it. Maybe it will work different for you? I wish you luck and please keep us posted on your recovery :)

Susan @susan51
Welland, ON, Canada

I went back to college for dental office administration.

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