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Has anyone here ever donated blood ? Is it ok for someone who doesn’t have P to receive blood from a person who has it ?


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RIAZ @mrashruf

Depends really, what meds you on. Doctor should be able advise. I know that you shouldn't on MX for 2 years.

alex @alex280

I’ve never taken pills for my P. So it’s not forbidden 100%

Rosie @roskw

I’ve donated blood before. I have them all over including my arms and the nurse said as long as I didn’t have any where the needle was going to be then it was fine.

alex @alex280

Well, in Romania you are not allowed to donate blood if you suffer from skin diseases (psoriasis included) that are contagious. I don’t get the point of it. I’ve donated over thirty times before 😁 and I didn’t check on their sheet that I have skin disease because I didn’t think it’s contagious. Afterwards, I’ve learned that psoriasis is includ on the skin diseases list. So, if in other countries you are eligible to donate blood, even though you have P, than I will donate blood like I did it before 🤫

Michelle @michelle1021

Hey Alex. I'm from South Africa. Went once to donate blood and they refused me because of my P. Now...would they rather let the person die than accepting the blood from a P sufferer if nothing else is available? I understand that a HIV person can't donate blood but P is different. Ridiculous if you ask me.

alex @alex280

Yes, it’s ridiculous. You are right. For example, if you cholesterol is high, it is not a problem to donate because that doesn’t mean the person who receives your blood is gonna have the same cholesterol. Only your body produces it that high. In my opinion, it’s the same with P. They have tests to detect HIV and other diseases but they can’t detect P. How come ? If the blood from a P donor is dangerous, why don’t they detect P without seeing it ? My P is not that severe and I’ve never been asked about it when I donated blood. In conclusion, keep walking 🚶‍♂️

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