...feeling insecure Sarah @sarahld


Hello everyone
I’ve joined this social site because I’m feeling pretty miserable and anxious about my guttate psoriasis it’s neck to feet basically big bright red spots everywhere
Feel partners/friends dont understand😔


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Phil @padavis

Most of society doesn't understand what we go through daily. Sarah, I know your frustration. I've had to deal with P for 40 yrs now, and it doesn't get any better. But God does help. Trust in Him. You're going to be fine.

Lianne @lia2

I know exactly what you are going through I’m also covered head to toe in it and sometimes just want to rip my skin off 😢

alex @alex280

Most of the people don’t understand. Only a few people understand and those who suffer from P. I suffer from an “easier” form of P. I have it on my elbows (not a big surface) and on my right calf (very small) where I was bit by a mosquito. Even though my P is not itchy nor painful I understand you. Sometimes I think that maybe if I burn my skin I will get rid of it 🙈 nothing grows on a burned skin. Some cells are missing 😁 Maybe one day the scientists will find a cure and I hope we’ll live to see that day.

carol @carol1943

I have to agree. Noone really understands unless they have lived it and it is that way with every disease or condition. I think that the commercials for many of the new meds that are being used these days really minimize what P is all about. It seems that they have the idea that P is a cosmetic problem. The fact that it is dangerous to subject your organs to the inflammation that P involves doesn't get talked about as much as the looks of P. It is a painful and frightening condition that takes up a good portion of your time and the stress just makes it worse. I just wish everyone could find a way to get their particular brand of misery under control.

Michelle @michelle1021

Have you noticed that only ignorant shallow people do not understand others with conditions? It's because they only look at the surface. They have no idea how to use their brain by expanding their views. We live in a society in which considerable importance is attached to an attractive, healthy appearance. Beauty ideals in all cultures include an even skin tone that is free from blemishes. Yet skin conditions are very prevalent. Negative emotional impacts include enduring states of anxiety, depression, and social anxiety, as well as more transitory states of shame and embarrassment from the stigma of feeling different, negative body image, anger, guilt, and self-consciousness. WHY SHOULD WE FEEL LIKE THIS? We need to stay focus and have a healthy strong mind to put these people in their place or not to let them make us feel this way. It's difficult and we face a lot of challenges every day. Remember, when you start accepting your condition, then only will you start becoming more positive and laid back where your condition is concerned. You'll start seeing things more in perspective and ignore the shallow people whom is trying to bring you down. I work with accountants, Executives, MD's and CEO's and let me tell you, they all know about my P. They are understanding and not one has ever looked down on me because of it. Why? because they are not shallow. they are intelligent and open minded and accept the unaccepted. Do not social with idiots. stay away from toxic people or you will lose yourself. Good luck and I do hope everything will turn out well for you. Like Phil said, God does help. He helped me and others and He will help you to get through the difficult times. We all have choices we need to make and we have to choose wisely. :)

deborah @deborah4

Hey Sarah, me too, much of the time. xo.

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Sarah @sarahld
Exeter, UK

Suffering with horrible red dry itchy funny shaped spots for too long now

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