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Hi everybody!! Used to be here regularly a year or so ago. There has been a lot of stress my life. Trying to find balance right now. Had the worst flare up yet and cant seem to get ahold of it. Going to try cbd but need educated on it. Please help


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Des @des1

I think at best it will help reduce inflammation and ease itching a little. Loads of ways to consume it these days balms, cream, oil you name it. Drops of oil under your tongue is probably the best way to take. :)

Wendy @wendy1974

Thank you..still havent tried it yet. Just added evening primrose capsules to my routine. Hopefully see some results. If not gonna breakdown and use prescription. That's if i dont skin my arms by then. Definitely the worst pain and itch ever!!! Im over all this ay this point. Thank you all for being so swesone!!❤

Wendy @wendy1974

I dont have a problem taking blame when im at fault. Im about the most clumsy and awkard person but just laugh and move on 🥰

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