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It’s been one year since I started on biologics and I remain completely psoriasis free. The hoops I had to jump through to get here though! Worth it in the end. To all of you who are suffering with Psoriasis, consider biologics, it’s changed my life.


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john,Hulk @chewbacca

Great news Drum :) , How long can you stay on these ? I personaly i wouldnt take them but i understand that some would if things are bad of course, I couldnt take them anyway with the environment i work in as i am surrounded by sick people. I dont need these as i dont get it bad enough, yes i would like to be clear of course as its a nuisance but with being a lifer, i know no different . Great news Drum :)

G @gj

I have a question doesn’t biologics affect the fetus in case someone wanted to get pregnant??

Drum @anorak

Four years, I believe, but don’t quote me.

Re: risk during pregnancy, yes I believe there is a risk that it will affect neonatal immunity.

My major concern was family history of non-Hodgkins lymphoma. My psoriasis was really affecting my quality of life though. I am so happy with the results achieved. 16 years of suffering ended, just 4 days after treatment.

carol @carol1943

Same here. Have lived with the misery for 60 yrs and finally am close to all clear thanks to biologics and lots of money.

Courtney @xxcorkoannxx

Hi, I have seen many people mention biologics what is this?

Drum @anorak

I’m a layman not a medical practitioner, don’t take this as anything other than my interpretation, but I believe they’re injectable antibodies that bind to, and neutralise certain proteins produced by our bodies. The biologic I’m taking binds to a protein which, in high levels, is associated with chronic inflammatory diseases like psoriasis.

Courtney @xxcorkoannxx

Oh it might be worth giving it a try, thanks :)

Aimee @aimee94

Hi there, have you had any side effects with biologics? I would love to consider because nothing is helping but afraid of side effects/long term use as I am only 26

carol @carol1943

I have been on and off biologics for about 15 years and the only side effects that I have been bothered by were stomach issues with stelara (stomach issues translated is diarrhea). I have had some problems with this issue for many years and I was doing a 8 wk stelara shot rather than the normal 12 wk due to my derm orders. He was trying to get me clear. I think that the heavy dosage may have made my already jumpy stomach worse so I don't think everyone would have the same reaction. My experience with bios in general has been good.

Frani @frani

I just recently started on Humira and am praying it will work and SOON

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