...feeling sad Courtney @xxcorkoannxx


So tired of having this condition, tried all sorts of medication from the hospital and over the counter remedies and nothing seems to work!


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Peter @peter5300

hey send me a PM have found something that is helping my P from the doc

Rita @rita

For me the solution is sunbathing, not something I’m able to do during the winter in Canada. I’ve tried the elimination diet and only found a bit of intolerance with dairy. So I now eat bread and drink red wine with happiness! Stress is also a trigger so I gave up coffee which makes me jittery. I use a lot of creams (mostly aloe based) during the winter to keep skin lubricated. It’s a frustrating disease because it’s hard to know what to do and each person is different. Try to listen to what your body is communicating to you because ultimately our skin is talking to us and telling us that something we’re doing/eating/drinking/breathing is not good for our health. Good luck Courtney!

Jane @j43725

I feel your just is with us every minute of every day, so sorry.

Lindakay1948 @lindakay1948

Sometimes for me at least because we are all experiencing The Big P in very different ways...I use a simple Epsom Salts Bath I can spend an hour in the tub..doesn't work for everyone but about 1/2 a cup to my full tub of water and it takes away most of my itching..I was so depressed when I was told I couldn't take biologics and I guess I just had to dig a little deeper and do a process of elimination of certain foods...for me I went straight onto Ketogenic diet and collegen shakes..and one pill and so far(knock on my wooden head) I am doing OK and yes UV rays help a bunch

Rita @rita

I tried the ketogenic diet too but only for a few weeks. Since I can’t eat too many eggs, avocados and seeds, or else I end up with digestive issues, it was not for me. I do take ginger capsules for internal inflammation (1200 mg/day) and turmeric, drink a lot of water and rarely consume sugar. My P on my body is never itchy but the P on my scalp always is. I wonder why?!

bernadette @bernadette3

I go on light therepy in hospital clears it up for afew months about six months then came back on light therepy again

dave keyes
dave keyes @weasel

Courtney I'm 54 and HAD psoriasis for 30 years until I tried phototherapy in my local hospital in Limerick. It took about 3 months treatments but nearly all gone except a few places where like back of my ears and top of my shoulder worth looking into

Courtney @xxcorkoannxx

Thanks for your comment, I'll definitely have to give it a try! Not gonna lie I was a bit skeptical about light treatment. Thanks!

ian @ianto

Hi Courtney I do feel for you being so young. Ive had it for over 40 yrs it use to be really bad on knee & elbows, but over the years it has virtually disappeared from there to my scalp. I always have a number 1 haircut every few months and get so embarressed when what looks like a ton of dandruff comes falling out. But at least once its short i can apply creams. Talking of light treatment, have you been on many Sunny holidays, a week or 2 in the sun does help.

bernadette @bernadette3

Im on sunbeds in hospital again maybe this time it will work the p isReally getting me down at the moment the itch is terrible

Courtney @xxcorkoannxx

Thank you all for your helpful comments, for some reason flaym won't let me reply to each of your individual comments but definitely got a lot of points from you guys so thanks again :)

Monuhor @Monzy92

Ask your docter for instilled. Demand that medication. I really bad psoriasis n I tort nothing is working. Then I enstiller. And omdz am seeing alot of differences alot of changes. Try it enstiller

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Courtney @xxcorkoannxx
Lichfield, UK

Hi, my name is Courtney, I am from the UK and have suffered with Psiorasis since November 2018. I'm friendly and creative and love to have a chat :)

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