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I just want to know.... anyone here use cannabis for their psoriasis ?? Does it work for u ? Mine do, wondering if anyone else tried.


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john,Hulk @chewbacca

i was advised by a doctor years ago to smoke cannabis for arthritis,he didnt actually say to smoke it but said,have you thought about cannabis?which suggests hes advising for me to smoke it for the pain i was going through at the time and no i didnt smoke it, it can work for a lot of people and if it helps them then good :)

christa botes
christa botes @christabotes

waar kan ek cannbis koop en wat is die prys asb.

Psoriatic4good @psoriatic4good

Reduces stress, brings out laughter, calms You, ergo - GO TIME :)

Katrina @katrina

Cannabis helps me if I'm itchy a lot, it won't necessarily stop the itch or remove the sores but helps me not concentrate on the irritating feeling. In a different form it may help the sores but not sure.

Ingrid @Lana

I don't smoke it... is an oil and u put it under the tongue. And I use it at night before sleeping. The use is not recreational, is medical. I hate the feeling you get, so better be asleep.

Susan @susananne

I have tried it for other things, pain etc. I will have to get back on it! Psoriasis is something new for me.

JenniCh46 @jennich46

Started using the oil on affected areas as well as ingesting cannabis oil daily, 3 weeks ago and I have had some relief so will continue with it. So far so good!!

Nan195 @lynnie

Cannibis Oil seems to be useful for Cancer Patients.
The Oil may calm down our P when it flares up, never tried Cannibis in any form 🌹

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Ingrid @Lana

I suffer from psoriasis on my hands and right foot. Tried every cream, lotion, OTC meds... and nothing worked (no, i didn't try those medicines that kills your liver, can live with psoriasis but can't live without a liver right ?). Then I got cancer

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