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Itch, exercise, diet

I have psoriasis and using dovabet, but not really helping...any suggestions.
What is best for scalp psoriasis please, nothing seems to be helping me.


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Ellen @ellen04

Hi Mahommed … you need to wash your hair with a TAR shampoo ..apply the shampoo to your hair , leave on for about 15mins then rinse off... I also apply a mix of oils to my scalp… help with the dryness & itch...hope this helps.

john,Hulk @chewbacca

Alphosyl Two in one is good on the scalp for me, Makes your hair silky smooth and does have tar in it , Yes its good to leave it in your hair for a while like Ellen has said

Ellen @ellen04

John we don't have Alphosyl here is SA … but there are other TAR shampoos ….

Michelle @michelle1021

Hi Mahommed. I agree with Ellen and John. Tar shampoo works the best. I don't have scalp P anymore but sometimes I get a flake. the shampoo helps definitely for mine. I used to bath with the shampoo as well ;) Good luck and hope it gets better :)

Chrisb @chrisb

Have you tried dovabet gel for your scalp, it can be a bit messy but it works for me (when I can be bothered to apply it, if I used it every day I'm sure it would work wonders)

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Mahommed @mahommed
Durban, South Africa

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