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Hi everyone, I don't get this. Dietitian put me on low carb high fat diet, lots of dairy and butter, cool, it's not for psrioasis but to lose weight as put on wayyyy too much since I quit work. We will see if it works, I'll try anything once.


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Rosey @sue2023

No more sweet potatoes, corn, peas, beets, all the things I liked. Will be interesting to see if it works, I'll give anything a good go. Physio did ultrasound on feet with 60 reps each side of exercises to do, umm OK, that's cool too, as am using a cane to walk back from shops now. I'll ask him the hard questions next week's visit.

Clint @NJClint

Sounds like Keto diet me to hope it helps

Rosey @sue2023

It's is in a way but never knew all the things I was eating was not good lol, like blueberries, watermelon, peas, come on, I like my peas lol, I'll get used to it. Even sweet potato not good worse than a normal spud, I don't get it, but will embrace cheese and butter haha all the stuff I avoided all my life I'm having hmmm, once I get into it it may be OK but it's hard to eat bad, all I can do is try,

Rosey @sue2023

Dairy is my friend apparently, not milk but full cram, butter, what the, this is nothing to do with psrioasis it's to do with weight loss, dietitian said this that's cool by me as her diet counteracts everything to do with psrioasis, so it may work lol, meaning lots of dairy, well we will see,

Michelle @michelle1021

Hi Rosey. Good luck on the diet. let us know how its going. I need to lose weight too. this festive season has taken its toll on my body and my P. Too much junk food I had. well a wonderful year to all of us :)

john,Hulk @chewbacca

i hope all goes well with it Rosey , I am less strict on the way i used to be, though still dont have sugar or rarely unless in fruits mainly , bread only at subways :).Dairy very rare too. I like my cookies, so been eating those a lot, my weight is still good , I gaines one and half stone since 2017 so its okay , Good luck, Hope you do well :)

Ann @ann8680

If I eat any dairy products my psoriasis gets worse. I'm that bad at the moment Its very itchy and I can't stop scratching

erick @erick

typical bodybuilding diet, will help you lose weight for sure!

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Rosey @sue2023
Perth WA,

Had psoriasis forever but weathered the ups and downs.Tomorrows a different story.

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