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Hi, does anyone feel like their perspective on life/relationships with others has changed since P?


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john,Hulk @chewbacca

Hello Sean,I am a lifer and get this anywhere , I just go with the flow , At the moment i have had problems with another thing that has effected me down below, i get psoriasis there also and it flared up so bad, i been on antibiotics for 4 months, my skin went nuts .I think its because i am used to having it i know no different,I have always explained in the past what i have and had no problems, I am married now and waiting for my wife to come over to the uk, My wife has psoriasis also so we both are good with this and will help each other , Not everyone is shallow , be confident and just say it, If someone likes you thats what works, being negative say dosnt work at all, its not all about the skin, I do understand you though, I been there in the past etc with worrying about it , No one is perfect and weare all good people , remember that . :)

Peter @peter5300

My take is if they care for you it wont matter, with my P i try not let it rule me and try keep my self confidence up. If my lady cant accept it i cant accept her simple just try keep positive.

Sean @sean1

Thanks for your words guys, it means a lot <3 Sometimes its hard to relate to other people but it helps so much to see that you are not alone

Sean @sean1

Hi, I am on a journey with psoriasis that has been hard but has also taught me many lessons.

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