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I am new to all of this. I was diagnosed with psoriasis in May and psoriatic arthritis about October. My bloodwork has been off the charts. my rheumy has said she will send me to a Hematologist. I am a bit freaked. Has this happened to anyone ?


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Michelle @michelle1021

Hi Jackie
Yes to be diagnosed with Psoriasis can be very alarming for one as we do not know what to expect. looking at pictures, reading some posts about P will freak us out but, we are not all the same. I was diagnosed with P in 1992. I was 17. I only had 3 flares during this time and once, my P disappeared for years. I don't go to Derm's anymore, nor do I see a GP about my P. I've learned how to control the condition. I am basically 5% covered and that is nothing to me. I had strep throat & Bronchitis last November and my P flared up. My GP gave me cortisone but it did not really work. The spots are gone now but healthy eating does help. Oh I cheat with food but I keep it balanced. Don't worry about this. Try to have a good diet, get enough sun and try to stay healthy. I'm using a tar ointment almost every day for the past 27 years and this has helped me to manage my P as well. Good luck and remember we are all here to support you :)

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