...feeling frustrated Croquetmike @croquetmike


I wonder if anyone else is in a similar position to me.
Psoriasis only started last May when I was 73. I wonder why it suddenly started at that age. Now various treatments are having little effect


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Joy @joy697

Mine started at 69. It has ruined my golden years

Croquetmike @croquetmike

I'm determined it won't ruin mine. Still hopeful that treatment will clear it or at least give me some control. Keep smiling mike

Joy @joy697

What treatment are u on

Croquetmike @croquetmike

Enstillar spray for my scalp, Betamethasone valerate clioquinol cream, followed by betnavate ointment for my legs. The cream and ointment seems to calm it for a day or so then it reerrupts a bit further over. At least it stops any itching 😀

Elaine @elaine2018

Hi Croquetmike, depending on the medications you might be taking, have you tried taking turmeric? It's a wonderful anti- inflammatory, but you have to take the kind with black pepper in it. It's not the only thing I do, but I find it helps in healing the inflamed, red & puffiness. I have a lot of it all over my body, so it takes time :) I also try to eat an anti-inflammatory diet (I'm not perfect at it, though :)). Cutting out soda and sugary things makes a difference too. Good luck to you :)

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