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Hi fellow riders on the crazy psoriasis trainwreck. What are you best experiences with treatments? I ve been doing tons of stuff, but I recently had to take antibiotics and my p just hit me like puberty, unprepared and desperate. HELP♥️


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Michelle @michelle1021

Hi Ewa. Oh we all know that feeling. too terrible especially when you flare up. I know I always say this over and over again, but you need to look at what food you take in. You can't go and have a juicy burger with soda while having a flare. It will just get worse. Your body is inflamed and you need to focus on eating anti-inflammatory food. Unfortunately not all of us are the same. what works for me might not work for you. I drink turmeric in the mornings and I eat mostly veggies, salad and white meat. I do eat red meat twice a week. I also use a tar cream for my P. It slows down the growth of the skin cells. Try keep most of your food anti inflammatory. no juicy fat making food and no fizzy drinks. your system has been triggered by the antibiotics but it can get better. stay focused, determined and see the improvement. Good luck. :)

john,Hulk @chewbacca

Hello Ewa, Yes my skin went nuts on antibiotics, I was on them for 4 months and they didnt do anything for my problem, just makes my skin flare. I doeat a psoriatic diet with odd treats now and again though i have gone off the rils a bit in the past year . You are whatyou eat and thats true . Ideal would be to go vegan but its not for me though i eat mainly fish and chicken,i also take turmeric suppliment and omega 3 and all others, too many to mention,My skin seems to have the worst effect in the winter, summer gets better, I been trying vit d suppliment but dont seem to work for me . Good luck and i wish you well :)

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