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Some members suggested adding an opt-in dating section for psoriasis warriors here on Flaym. What do you think?


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darren @bigd1982

Think it’s a great idea

Lorna Penner

Nik @nik

Great idea! Why not if it helps people find happiness

Ed @Mister

You might meet a lot of "flaky" people.


john,Hulk @chewbacca

Great Idea Flaym i think, As you know i met my wife here on Flaym though i wasnt looking for anyone but it just happend. We compared flakes and all in the beginning and we know what we are getting through good and bad ,Everyone deserves to be loved and give love to someone special to them , One thing , we all have something in common here so thats a start i say :)

Linda @justicejones

Would that not take away from the purpose of the group?
I personally need desperately to hear what others do to control P. I love reading the ups, downs etc

Linda @justicejones

Darn I just read a great response Michelle gave and the spot disappear so bless you Michelle I have always enjoyed your humour and your posts!

jon @jon5

Yes please it's hard enough trying to find someone to spend time with on regular sites.

Michelle @michelle1021

Hi Flaym, it's always nice to see your smiley face on here. I think it will be a good Idea but what will happen if Flaym decide to be a dating site only and not a support group anymore? I still need advice on the latest P trend lol. I'm sure lots of Flaymers will love the dating section ;)

Michelle @michelle1021

@ Linda -Thats wonderful news! I'm happy for you. which Michelle? lol. I say that if we can get rid of the small term P then we will feel better already and more confident and patient to try get rid of the rest ;)

Elaine @elaine2018


Elaine @elaine2018

Linda & Michelle, perhaps we could set up a specific area for folks that want to meet?? I don't see why that would take away from the site. We're all on here wanting advice too, and that should still be there :)

Michelle @michelle1021

Hi Elaine. True yes. I on the other hand won't go to that side of the track as I'm newly wed and my hubby also have P, so that section, I will avoid of course unless someone ask for advice in a P relationship of course. It will be good to have a section for singles where they can meet up etc. I met my hubby on Flaym as all know and everyone else deserve to find love and happiness.

Becky @becky78

I think it’s a good idea, why not help people find happiness, we all deserve to be happy

GaryG @garyg

its a good idea my only worry is its disaster for future generation if both parents has psoriasis. May be I am thinking way too much but just a thought.

Michelle @michelle1021

Hi GaryG
Yes I'm sure that will be a worry to most especially when both have P. Thing is, it sometimes skip a generation or two. We are all scared that our kids may get it but I pray my daughters doesn't. They are now 25 & 27 and I have a grandchild of 4. They haven't shown any signs of P except for my daughter of 25. she got a few spots for a couple of weeks but it went away quick so I'm not sure it is P as it did flake or itch or anything. could be an allergic reaction to something she ate or a skin product? My parents did not have P nor did their parents or grandparents but two of my uncles had Psoriasis and now myself, my brother and my sister but mine was the most severe. My brother and sister drink beer. YES BEER lol. and their P is gone. they might sometimes get a spot or two but never bad. None of their children have Psoriasis. I got married and my husband doesn't have kids. Luckily he doesn't want any either and maybe its because he is scared the child will be born with it like himself? so yes, I do understand where you're coming from and I would be too if I didn't have children but there is a big chance that the child may not get P? this is a choice everyone has to make unfortunately as we do not want our child to go through what we do sometimes. :)

john,Hulk @chewbacca

Thats true Michelle, I made a choice not to pass it on and i am glad for that, It is a choice though i know and may skip generation if it does skip or could be that some are just one offs ?I wouldnt want anyone going through what i did and never sure now whether some things that come wrong is related to P ?Life goes on and i got to take it when the sh,t hits the fan , Theres worse things out there and thats the way i see it , best way to think :)

Luis @luis101789

I think this is a great idea.

Chris @chris2038

I also think this is a great idea

Clive @clive1

I think it is an awesome idea , why wait !!!

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