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Hi guys,
Does anybody know any specific foods that are great for psoriasis and really bad for psoriasis?

I’m looking into it and it feels like everything I’m eating is wrong. Like tomatoes and kidney beans.


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Peter @peter5300

any night shade foods are bad ( Potato , tomatoes and Egg plant ) , Gluten , dairy and red meat are all bad. turmeric with black pepper is good, probiotics can help.

Rosie @roskw

Hi Peter,
Thank you

Michelle @michelle1021

Hey Rosie. Oh yes when it comes to certain food, I start itching and flaring.
I can't eat the following food: Pasta, nightshades, dairy, processed food and Red meat but I do eat red meat occasionally.
Food I can eat: Basmati rice occasionally. salads, any veggies work for me. Sweet potato. White meat like chicken and fish. (Oh the fish does wonders for my P. I don't eat gassy foods too much as I've noticed that I start itching when Im bloated so I don't eat it a lot). Cut all junk food out of your diet and all fizzy drinks for starters. No sugary food at all.
My body is used to the food I'm eating so whenever I feel like a chocolate I have it and I don't itch. Same with junk food. I don't eat it often and when I do, nothing happens because I changed the way I eat. I drink turmeric water in the morning as it is a anti-inflammatory spice and very good for a person. It helps keep the inflammation at bay and it works good for me. I also put it in my food as much as I can.

Claire @mamaclaire

Michelle - how do you prepare your turmeric water?

Irene @queenelle66

Avoid eating dairy product :)

Irene @queenelle66

I experience detox using turmeric it is not work and I got kidney trouble .. be carefull what we read on internet , we can try but observe the reaction :)

Michelle @michelle1021

Hi Claire, I just take a teaspoon turmeric powder and mix it with my water. not a heaped spoon though. But now I only drink it maybe 3 times a week as my skin is good and I can't complain about inflammation. :)
Elizabeth, definitely, dairy products aren't good for us but I do like cheese once in a while. I do drink milk in my coffee as well. Well you should consult your doctor first before drinking turmeric if you have other problems too. turmeric is great for detoxing the liver and keeps inflammation at bay, but, what works for me, might not work for others :)

Irene @queenelle66

I am stubborn and no restriction for all food but but but again flare up P darn , hahaha I enjoy the food I enjoy P :) life is too short to worry :) ..

Alexander Bruce
Alexander Bruce @bruce

Hi Rosie I was advised to avoid foods containing citric acid like oranges but I just eat what I fancy x

erick @erick

Definitely nightshades. For me, any treatment is secondary to avoiding nightshades, basically no point of avoiding anything else if nightshades are not removed first. Sad thing is it seems that no doctor knows this and not much info on the internet that will tell you not to each nightshades. Other foods to avoid are red meats and alcohol, but honestly all I removed was nightshade from my diet and my psoriasis was gone

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Rosie @roskw
Mansfield Nottingham

Hello. I am 23 and I’ve had psoriasis since I was 11. I am currently studying Animal management level 3 (I will be doing the 2nd year to that in September) and it’s almost the 5th year of me studying animal care at college. I aspire to be a vet nurse

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