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So im planning my wedding for next year! My problem is Hair & Makeup, i have psoriasis on my face/scalp but i really want it professionally done for the big day!
Are they equipped/trained to deal with skin conditions? if not then they should be!


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lisa @misslisalou

I too am getting married but this October I'm having my hair and makeup professionally done with airbase makeup if you tell them beforehand they should advise you it shouldn't cause any irritation for the one day you will be beautiful no matter what do research into good artists as worth paying that bit extra

Jane @janehoney

I had my graduation make up done last year. Before the event happen I started applying lipbalm on my face where my psoriasis is, the flakes are slowly disappearing but the redness are still there which is okay, foundations can do its magic to it. On my scalp, they just luckily disappeared after I had my hair dyed. Hehe

Connie @connie2097

Interestingly.....my scalp actually improves after I have my hair professionally colored. When I said something to my hairdresser, she said she's had other clients say the same thing. Don't know why it helps, 'cause it really burns at the time, but I'm always happy afterwards. :)

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