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Has any one used methotrexate tablets for psoriasis and what was the outcome


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Claire @claire12352

Hi Kay , I was taking methotrexate tablets for Psoriatic arthritis , but they made me sick so I changed to injections which at first helped greatly with psoriasis but later I saw no benefit . My psoriasis has now cleared up using a coal tar lotion ..good luck with whatever you try .๐Ÿ˜€

GaryG @garyg

I used and it gave me elevated liver enzymes and frequent respiratory infections and these infections caused the triggers . So it was catch 22 situation. i stopped.

GaryG @garyg

Hi Claire,
what sort of Coal Tar Lotion you used? care to share?

Claire @claire12352

Hi Gary , I use Exorex , I first had it from my dermatologist but bought it more recently from Internet , psoriasis started to clear up after a week or so after I started using it .. good luck ..

GaryG @garyg

Thanks Claire, let me see if they have it here in Canada.

RIAZ @mrashruf

It helped me it MX lowers your immune system, so you catch every cold and flu going around. Also moved to injections, on my 4th biologic as they work at first and then gets worse. T seems to be working just after 2 weeks I am clear from almost 90% cover.

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