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Today a 5 y/o girl came to me after staring for a while at my elbow P and then she said ur bleeding why is that did u fall on it? I looked at her and smiled then said no that’s my skin it’s normal to have it! Does it hurt she asked? I almost cried..


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Michelle @michelle1021

awww G. I'm sorry to hear this but hey, chin up. Children are precious and they only see the good in things. Words may effect us more but we should start looking through the eyes of a child and see what they see then only we will see what we need to see and not what we want to see. It hurts inside when people or even children make a remark but you just stay strong and positive and because of you, the girl will grow wiser in things she see in others. :)

G @gj

Thank you michelle ❤️❤️

G @gj
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