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Anyone tried Hemp seed oil? Or products containing Hemp Seed Oil ...


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Lou @lou60

I haven’t.

Janet @rara

yes i take one every day now

Kay @nuggetsmcr

@Janet have you noticed a difference since taking it?

Joy @joy697

Di u mean cbd

Diane @froghop26

I have some hemp seed oil, I think it stopped some of the itching but I still flaked everywhere.

Joy @joy697

I have tried CBD oil it can be helpful

john,Hulk @chewbacca

I see in my pharmacy that they do CBD products , seems be getting popular, No never tried hemp seeds Kay :)

Michael Chidwick
Michael Chidwick @michaelchidwick

I have just ordered some for my other complaints. I will let everyone know what the results are

Michael Chidwick
Michael Chidwick @michaelchidwick

I have a cream which is used for anti-pain. And it is not good for me

Michael Chidwick
Michael Chidwick @michaelchidwick

I have tried CBD oil and it works for anti-pain, but it is no good for Psoriasis

Cecelia @cece

Yes, I use it topically on my skin plaques and
Hair when I have a flare up. Seems to help my head is free now with 30 days of trying. Internal it helped with staying calm
When needed. Hope this helped.

Joseph @Whoknows

Good luck .Keep trying different products and perhaps consulting different doctors?

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